Finally! Proven Ways To Increase The Number And Size Of Fish You Catch…..

“6 Strategies Almost Anyone Can Use To Catch Bigger Fish On Lures:

More Often – Anywhere, Anytime!”

In Fresh Water And Saltwater…. Boat Or Shore….Without Spending A Ton of Cash!

Hi, I’m Greg Vinall (or as my friends call me “Doc Lures”!)

I’m a Fishing Author, Professional Aquatic Scientist And Wooden Lure Making Authority. I’ve spent a lifetime studying, researching and figuring out fish and fishing, both as a fisherman and a scientist. It’s my passion, although people around me call it an obsession! I’m on a never ending 24/7 quest to crack the fishing code!

And I have some information that all serious fishermen really should know!


“You’re about to discover some little known secrets about lures and lure fishing that will have you battling awesome fish far more often than you ever thought possible. Your fishing buddies will be eating your dust!

You see, apart from my own personal experience and expertise, I’ve spent years gathering information about lures and lure fishing from some of the best and most successful lure fishermen on the planet. I’ve cracked a lot of codes and solved a lot of puzzles – and now I enjoy the consistent fishing success that makes me the envy of my friends!

I consider myself very lucky. Day to day I get to meet, talk to and fish with some pretty outstanding lure fishermen – and that gives me the opportunity to see how they operate and what sets them apart from “everyday Joe”. So if you’re dead-set about dialing your fish catching skills up to “maximum” (for the rest of your life)…. if you want the inside scoop on ways to permanently improve your  lure fishing results and you want to do all that without taking a second mortgage, then you’re in the right place!


WARNING! This Page May Forever Change The Way You Approach Lure Fishing! In fact, if you do nothing more than just read to the end you will pick up some valuable tips that will start to change your fortunes.

Sounds like a big call, huh? Well it is! But unless you are already catching too many large fish then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

6 Mistakes That Cost The Average Lure Fisherman A Ton Of Fish!

Big fish don’t get big by being easy to catch. The bigger they are, the more fishing seasons they have survived without eating anything with a hook in it. That’s especially true if they live somewhere that gets a lot of fishing pressure! Small fish don’t have so much experience, so they are a lot easier to catch!

If you want to regularly fool big fish you need to know:


How To Use Sound To Your Advantage. Most lure fishermen know that sound can make make a big difference to their results. But very few realize that the wrong sounds can actually cost them fish. A lure with the right sound can pull fish like the music of an icecream truck pulls fat kids. But a lure with the wrong sound will drive them away faster than a fart can clear a room. And the louder that wrong sound is, the farther they’ll run (also much like a fart).

lure-making-tickHow To Create The Right Vibration. In the fish’s world, sound and vibration are closely related – and fish are super sensitive to both. Even when they can’t see, fish can often tell a lot about a lure by the vibration it emits. And just like sound, good vibration can attract fish from afar. The wrong vibration can be like a huge alarm bell going off. Knowing how your lure vibrates and what type of vibration is best for a particular species in a particular location is very powerful.

lure-making-tickHow To Generate Strikes From Thin Air. Anyone can catch fish when they’re hungry and are feeding freely on anything that swims past. It takes a little more skill when the fish are as lazy as a politician on a taxpayer funded holiday. When you know what to do, fish that are not even hungry can be fooled into striking your lure out of aggression, frustration, territoriality, fear and so on. But you need a full bag of tricks and a good selection of the right lures to pull this one out of the bag. That’s why so many go home empty handed.

lure-making-tickWays To Rise Above The Crowds. That line about goldfish not remembering the far side of their bowl is BS. It just makes makes goldfish owners feel better about their very bored pets, that’s all. Like all animals, fish learn by experience. If you’re fishing on a long weekend, in a tournament or just a highly pressured waterway, the fish have seen a lot of lures. And “catch and release” helps educate them on what to eat and what not to eat. You have to do something different from the crowds or you’re headed for a quiet day.


lure-making-tickHow And When Lure Color Is Important. This is the most misunderstood aspect of lure fishing. How often have you heard the question “what lures are best?” answered with “red ones!”? Savvy lure fishermen know that color can be important. But they also know that there are about 10 other factors that are usually more important. It’s like buying a car – size, power, safety and a bunch of other things are really important. Being red might make it look nice, but if everything else isn’t right you probably won’t buy it.

lure-making-tickHow To Choose And Use The Right Lure For The Conditions. If you’re relying on the salesman in the tackle store for advice on what lures to use then check and see if he’s one of the 10% who catch all the fish. He’ll say he does, but scratch a little deeper. If you buy lures based on magazine articles or TV shows then take some time to see who the sponsors are. Or you could make an investment in your fishing future by learning to understand lures and your target species. Then you’ll always be able to figure out what to tie on next.

How I Can Improve Your Fishing….

barra-handmade-wooden-lureThe internet is a great place where anyone can give advice on any subject, whether they have personal experience or not. Little wonder there is so much garbage out there! So let me share just a little about myself and why I am qualified to help you catch more fish.

My friends call me “Doc Lures” because I’m a professional Aquatic Scientist with Bachelors and Honors Degrees and a PhD for my research on aquatic systems. They joke that I’m the only bloke they know who has a PhD in fishing! I’ve spent over 20 years as a scientist working on and studying fish and fish habitat.

So I spend all my working time observing, studying and figuring out fish. And so do all my workmates and colleagues.

I first picked up a fishing rod at age 6 and I made my first wooden lures at age 15. That means I have almost 40 years of lure fishing and over 30 years of wooden lure making experience. Plus, I’ve been teaching people to make their own lures for over a decade too.

wooden-popper-lureI’ve published 9 eBooks on lure making and lure fishing, I run a couple of lure making websites and I developed the worlds only wooden crankbait making course. These days I work full time at writing and teaching lure making – it’s what I do for a living.

As you can see, I’m not just some guy who made a couple of lures once and wrote a book about it. This has been my whole life! BTW, nearly all of the fishing photographs you’ll see on this page are from my recent trips, and every lure you see here has been hand made and hand painted by yours truly.

“Above All Else, I’ve Found One Thing That Quickly Turns Ordinary Fishermen Into Extraordinary Fishermen!”

This is the really exciting part!

With all my fancy education, my years of experience, countless thousands of hours spent fishing and talking fishing, tons of quality fishing tackle and travel to amazing fishing spots…….  there is one thing that above all else that made me the successful fisherman that I am today:

Making and using custom wooden lures!

wooden-lipless-crankbaitI’m forever grateful for the day that I first picked up a chisel started making my own wooden lures. Lure making has been by far the best fishing education that I could have asked for. It’s definitely the “one thing” that has made the biggest difference to my fishing.

And every day in my business I help other people improve their fishing in leaps and bounds by teaching them to make lures. They’re having fun doing it and some are even building profitable lure making businesses. It’s inspiring to see!

Best of all: Almost Anyone Can Do This!

4 Reasons Why Making Your Own Lures Can Make You A Better Fisherman Forever!

shad-stickbait-woodenHaving a huge selection of high quality custom fishing lures to choose from certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of hooking some great fish. But most of us know at least one clown who owns a whole tackle shop and still couldn’t catch a fish if you bagged it up and tossed it in his boat.

Why? Because great lures are only one small part of the picture.

What makes the real difference is that you learn about fish, plus you learn about lures and how to use them. When you put that together with high quality lures, that is what transforms your fishing! 

Here are the other great benefits:

lure-making-tickYou’ll start thinking about what will make a fish take your lure. I mean really thinking – and you’ll make better lure choices because of it. Folks who buy lures usually let the tackle shop salesman do the thinking for them, get to the water and start fishing without a second thought. Folks who make lures are always considering what the fish might be looking for. “What size lure should I make? What shape, color, action, diving depth, sound…..” the list goes on and on. You’ll be stunned how much your fishing improves once you start thinking like this. It’s an ongoing quest to understand fish, and and it makes catching them a whole lot easier!

lure-making-tickYou’ll learn to fish lures smarter than ever before. You’ll know exactly how they work and how every design is different. You’ll instantly know how get the best results from a lure just by the way it looks, feels and sounds. Queenfish-wooden-lureYou’ll find ways to present your lures that you never ever considered before. You’ll look at a specific fishing situation and you’ll know exactly what lure to pull from your box and how to use it. You’ll catch more fish – even with bought lures – than you ever have before!

lure-making-tickYou will have lures in your box that work better than anything you can buy! Why? Because you’ll have designed them for the species you target. They’ll match the local baitfish for size, shape, color, action and diving depth. If you need a silent lure, you’ll make a silent lure. If you want one that works faster you’ll make one. You will have lures that are custom tailored for exactly the type of fishing you need them for.

lure-making-tickYou’ll be giving the fish something different. Strange as it might seem, fish are getting wise to commercial lures. That’s why tournament pro’s often switch to custom lures on the last day of a comp. They know that they get a massive edge by using a lure that’s different from what the other 1000 competitors are tossing around. Having lures that look, sound and vibrate differently can make it easy to pull big, fat fish – even from highly pressured catch-and-release fisheries!

The Best Wooden Lure Making Resource You’ll Find Anywhere!


Making Top-Notch Wooden Lures Isn’t Just Easy: It’s Fun Too!
(And It Doesn’t Require A Whole Bunch Of Tools!)

Have a look at all of the lures you see on this page. They are all hand-made – and most have been made using nothing more than a chisel, handsaw, battery drill and pliers. If you have those basic tools in your shed or attic then in the next 5 minutes you can start making awesome custom lures!

Let’s be blunt! I’m a scientist and people in my profession are not usually the creative or artistic types. I’m certainly not – the average pre-schooler has more skill with a paintbrush than me. So if I can easily make professional quality wooden lures by hand - so can you!

handmade-wooden-lureThe trick is just knowing how to do it. And there are a couple of ways you can get that knowledge. You can spend years practicing, experimenting, making dud lure after dud lure until you figure it out. Trust me, that’s a long, hard, heartbreaking process, even with Mr Google at your side!

Or, you can get help from someone who has already done the hard work and developed systems that make it easy for anyone to make lures. All the information you need is right there in one complete reference library, including personal email support, free webinars and even templates for practice lures that are proven to catch fish.

Why would you slave away in a workshop wasting valuable fishing time and money when you could be out catching awesome fish on your own lures? Every hour you waste making a dud lure is an hour you didn’t spend fishing. You can never get those hours back!

Becoming A Fishing Ace Starts Here And Now! Here’s How I’ll Make It Fun (And Easy)!

I want you to get off to a flying start, so my eBook package is designed for you to spend minimal time in the workshop and maximum time fighting big fish. Here are some examples of what you’ll learn when you purchase your copy today:

  • What Wood To Use. If you get everything else right but you use the wrong wood you’re going to be disappointed with your lures. I’ll show you how to choose the best wood for any lure. There is a suitable timber no matter where in the world you are, if you know what to look for (Hint: expensive doesn’t always mean “best”)
  • Diving Lip Materials. If you’re making crankbait style lures you’re gonna need a diving lip or two. Avoid the common mistakes and find out what materials to use
  • The Five Mistakes Most People Make. And how to avoid them! Simple things that can waste a lot of time and money and cause no end of frustration. The odds are you won’t be able to figure out what you’re doing wrong, your lures just don’t work properly.
  • Making Lures Strong. Small fish don’t destroy lures, but big, tough fish can, especially toothy species. In other words: if a lure ever going to fail it will happen just after you hook a personal best fish of a lifetime. I’ll show you how to bag that fish, not curse your lure.
  • Building Deep Divers. Most lure makers struggle to make deep diving lures because they don’t understand that it’s not just about diving lips – there’s a lot more to it. Plus, if you look to Google for help you’ll find 90% of the info is just plain wrong! Let me show you how it’s done.
  • Making Suspending Jerkbaits. Wooden jerkbaits that are made to suspend can be even deadlier than plastic jerkbaits….. and most people don’t have a clue how to do this!
  • Making Copies Of Your Best Lures. What’s the point of making a deadly, fish slaying lure if you can only have one? I’ll show you how to clone your best lures over and over again.


  • Making Topwater Lures (With And Without A Lathe). Some of my best topwater designs don’t require a lathe. And if poppers are your preferred weapon I’ll show you how to make them using a simple tool that will pay for itself in a weekend!
  • Creating Noise. Wooden lures are often effective because they don’t contain rattles. But sometimes you want some extra noise.
  • Making Lipless Lures. In the right situation, a silent lipless lure can be absolutely deadly. But you’ll be hard pressed to find any information anywhere about how to make one. Look no further, I even give you templates and step by step instructions!
  • Take Advantage Of Jointed Lures. Jointed lures can sometimes catch fish when nothing else will. But you have to know how to make them properly if you want them to be strong and have a perfect, enticing action.
  • Understand How Fish See Lures. Most people are so fixated on lure color that they neglect the power of contrast, silhouette and flash for attracting fish. Find out how to use all of these for maximum results.
  • Painting Tricks. Painting your lures is one of the most fun parts of lure making – but also one of the most expensive, frustrating and time consuming. Read this section before you waste your time and money!
  • Airbrush Help. You can paint lures with aerosols or hand paints, but many lure makers graduate to an airbrush for really professional results. If you are interested in this, I’ll help you choose and use the right airbrush, paints and accessories for trouble-free airbrushing.
  • Clear Coating. Ever wondered how the pro’s get such a perfect, tough, glassy finish on their lures? I get more questions about this than anything else! There is a one BIG secret you need to know…. and there is a bonus eBook in my package that will steer you on a course to success.

And believe me, this is just a drop in the bucket! I haven’t even mentioned that I walk you through design considerations for no less than 11 different types of wooden lures, explain how diving lip size, shape and angle affect lure depth and action (most people think they know this, but when I lay it all out they have an “aha” moment!). Plus it includes 24 lure templates with full step-by-step instructions, parts and tools lists!

 What’s Included In My Lure Making eBook Package?

One of my goals in business and in life is to make things as easy as possible for anyone who really wants to learn wooden lure making. That’s why I have put this information together together as an eBook. There’s no shipping cost, no waiting for snail mail, just instant download and you can start within minutes!

So here’s the deal:

Make Your Own Lures: Wooden Lures (2nd Ed, 100pp).
Everything you need to know to start making lures that consistently catch awesome fish!
Covers crankbaits (lipped and lipless, floating, sinking, suspending, jerkbaits, jointed), poppers, skipping poppers, propbaits, waddlers, stickbaits and swimbaits.
Painting Wooden Lures With An Airbrush (approx 50pg)
Learn to paint stunning, fish catching lures easily!
All you need to know about choosing, mixing and using airbrush paints, plus masking and stenciling techniques. Complete with a handy airbrush troubleshooting guide.
12 Wooden Crankbait Templates.
Want to skip the tedious trials and error? If you just want to start catching massive fish on your own hand made crankbaits then this is a great starting point!
This eBook contains a dozen printable templates of proven, crankbaits, complete with step by step instructions and parts lists.
12 Wooden Lure Templates.
Want to experience the thrill of seeing your hand made lure smashed off the surface by a big predatory fish? Or do you want to make some stickbaits that fish go nuts over? These lures are just the ticket!
A dozen printable templates of proven wooden lures, excluding crankbaits. Complete with step by step instructions.
DIY Rotating Drying Rack And Lure Vices
This is one of the secrets of the pro's!
Now you can get perfect paint jobs and flawless clear coats too! Diy vices hold your baits securely for painting and then slide into a rotating drying rack to flow the clear coat evenly over the whole lure. You'll wonder how you ever did without it!
Why Fish Don't See Your Lures. (approx 50pg)
Avoid the lure selection mistakes made by everyday anglers. This eBook skips the hype and superstition and applies science to lure color selection.Find out how fish eyes work and how the watery environment changes what colors are visible. A must read before you paint lures.
How To Use Jerkbaits. (approx 50pg)
Want to put serious fish in your bag when everyone else is leaving empty handed? Jerkbaits can be one of the deadliets lures in your fishing box, used properly. But few lure fishermen have a clue how to use them. Find out how to catch more fish in this great little guide!

OK, That’s A Lot Of Great Info! So What’s The Cost?

Normally when you see technical information of this caliber and quantity you’d expect to be paying somewhere in the hundreds of dollars price range, right?


Well that’s where this package is different! For starters, I’ve published this information as eBooks so that my customers get the information instantly, with no printing or delivery costs. Plus, I can reach more readers with eBooks….. and all of this makes it possible for me to keep the price right down.

And that’s great news if you’re keen to start making a bunch of seriously good lures really quickly, because everything you need is right here in one concise, practical and cost-effective package. Perfect!

So what would you pay to have a fish expert and renowned wooden lure authority show you exactly how to make your own awesome custom lures? A hundred bucks? Two hundred? More?

Believe it or not, if you’re quick you can get this entire package for under $50!

Seriously, you can get 7 lure making/lure fishing eBook titles, email support and priority webinar seats for just $27 – if you act fast!

Some of my lures sell for 2-3 times that!

So here’s the deal:



You Pay

Get The Whole Package Before The Offer Ends!


Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Wooden Lures (2nd Ed).



Painting Wooden Lures With An Airbrush.



12 Wooden Crankbait Templates



12 Wooden Lure Templates



12 DIY Lure Drying Rack And Painting Vices



12 Why Fish Don't See Your Lures eBook



12 How To Use Jerkbaits eBook



3 Months email Support



12 Months Free Webinar Tickets



The Best Wooden Lure Making Resource You’ll Find Anywhere!


Don’t wait another minute to grab this amazing deal! This package may soon only be available as part of a more expensive membership website costing hundreds of dollars a year to access.

Click on the above link to place your order and just as soon as your transaction is processed you’ll be directed to a download page where you can access all of these great eBooks instantly! These eBooks are in pdf format, so you can view them on any PC, Mac or tablet and can even print your own hard copy if you prefer to read a “real” book!

Unbelievable! For The Cost Of A Couple Of Quality Lures You Can Get The Keys To Awesome Fishing And A Lifetime Of Superb Custom Lures!

The money you spend on this eBook package is a drop in the bucket compared to what you’d invest in fishing tackle over a year. And That tackle gets lost, damaged or stolen – this eBook package is forever!

And if you’re still unsure I’ll make your decision a whole lot easier by taking all of the risk away from you and putting it all on me! That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this eBook package and what it does for your fishing!


The Best Wooden Lure Making Resource You’ll Find Anywhere!


If You Want To Catch More Fish, Bigger Fish And More Often Then You Won’t Find A More Reliable Way To Reach Your Goals! It’s Awesome!

Even if you only ever make half a dozen lures and never do it again, the knowledge that you get from these eBooks will transform your fishing forever! You’ll know how lures really work, how and why fish attack them and you’ll be able to use that information every time you head out on the water. It’s gold!

If you’re not catching as many seriously big fish as you’d like this is a no-brainer! But the sad truth is that 90% of fishermen can’t see the woods for the trees and will probably never take the time to learn lure making.

The fact you’ve read this far is evidence that you’re not one of those 90%. You’re hungry for knowledge and your imagination and interest has been sparked by the huge possibilities that custom lure making offers.

So now’s the time to act and put yourself on the fast track to incredible fishing you’ve like never experienced before!

I hope you’ll let me transform your fishing!

Warm regards



P.S. I can’t stress enough what a massive difference custom wooden lures can make to the size and quantity of fish you can catch. And remember, you don’t need any previous experience and you don’t need a pile of tools to get started. If you grab this opportunity you won’t look back – but if you let it slip by you may never know just how many great fish you are missing out on!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, this is absolutely zero risk to you, thanks to my 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee – but the whole package could soon become part of a much more expensive program in the near future. Act Now To Avoid Disappointment Later!

The Best Wooden Lure Making Resource You’ll Find Anywhere!


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